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Anybody recommend any for a site that wants to be updated a few times every month?

Am currently in final steps of finishing a website, but I realised that I don't want to be coming back to them every few days or every fortnight to do their updates; it'd be easier with a CMS.

Ideas? Preferences? Hates?


personally Tim, i use Wordpress to operate 2 websites, very convenient with lots of plugins for all sorts of stuff.. well recommended. I also recommend Expression Engine if you want to pay for it (and the plug ins) as it is far more powerful than Wordpress, just the money aspect is rather large.

Just my 2p
Hi Tim,

We have our own CMS not sure if you might be interested, its a hosted solution but is based around making it as easy as possible for clients to update their sites, even Wordpress has become a bit over complicated these days for the average client who really just wants to update general content on their site.

If you'd like some more info on our CMS let me know.


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@xenonsoft & jaz: absolutely no way I'd be able to build one by myself... i can spot coding problems (i think) in websites but coding a CMS is way outta my league!

Will probably talk to you later Nathan about your CMS, and thanks for link-ups everyone else.

I'd use Wordpress but I need to keep it simple as possible, and as Nathan said, it's a lil overcomplicated recently :)

@Shaqal: nice picture! made me laugh quite a bit xD - but thanks for the link up!


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You respond way to quite young Tim, lol.
Err....maybe a few days to teach yourself so err.....:D, then a day when you know how to, if that.

But time is relatively Tim. :lol: