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Clothing Graphic Design Work

Hi All, hope you've had a Merry Christmas.

I have recently started a clothing company and although I have an idea for the logo I would like someone to bring it up to professional standards and do a few tasks that my photoshop knowledge doesn't allow for (unfortunately)

I have paid for graphic design before and find it increasingly annoying when in my first line of work people ask for freebies.

I am not asking for a freebie however my budget is limited.

If this is something that sounds interesting to you then please don't hesitate to PM or email me @ officialbakerboy@gmail.com for further details.

reference material include:

Benjart Clothing, Benjart, myshattered dreams, clothing, bravehearts, incredible bravehearts, dead or alive, Uk Underground Fashion, streetwear, clothing, exclusive garments,london, streetwear, clothing, Urban clothing, limited edition
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I would LOVE to establish a working relationship with someone on here as there will definitely be more work should things go smoothly.

I look forward to hearing from you!!