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clients from heaven


Senior Member
it's not often you read about a nice client, but i thought i'd share an email i received today off a client.

I also apologise if any of this seems vague, but I am beginning to learn that the more you try to impose a set of rules on somebody's creativity the more likely you are to stifle it. If we build a degree of freedom into the brief it generally tends to result in better quality results.
(the brief wasn't vague, for the record)
feel free to share yours! :)


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I have a client who, even though I ask payment to be completed within 30 days, sometimes pays me a little extra if it takes more than a week for him to pay!
On the downside he appears to type a brief by smashing his face into his keyboard and loses the files I send him, so, rough with the smooth.


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lol that's some excellently visual explaining there jimlad.
i was just shocked to read my clients wanted me to just chill out and work... but getting paid extra for no reason would be great! haha
I love my regular client.
Just sends me stuff with no real deadlines, doesn't harass me about getting it done yesterday etc. Pays invoices in full within a couple of days of sending them and just lets me get on with what's needed.
I wish everyone was like him.