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Client wants logo similar to an existing logo

Hi there,

I am designing a logo for a client at the moment. He has shown me an existing logo he likes and asked if I can do him one in the same style, but with his company name on. I'm just wondering if I will be infringing on any copyright laws if it looks too similar to the example he has given. How different does an image have to look so that it is not considered to be copying someone else's work?

Any advice much appreciated!



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Hi sleepycat,

There's a difference between taking inspiration from another logo & it's associated style, and copying another logo with a different name. I would avoid it all costs, not worth the potential problems, and it's certainly not going to do your clients business much good simply copying another logo.

I would personally say I wouldn't be willing to take the work on if that's what they're after - try and advise them of the pitfalls of what they're asking, and the upside of a new logo design where the full design process is focused around their business and position in their relative market.

Hope that helps & welcome to DF.


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Don't touch with a barge pole.

You will be infringing copyright and will be personally liable. Even a 'lookalike' is subject to infingement.

Any client that asks that is not a client worth having. Stay clear and persuade them to be original rather than a copycat.


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^ That's what I was trying to say :)
It might be lack of education on the clients part, so as Berry says try and persuade them to the benefits of being original.
Thanks for the advice guys, and for the welcome Greg!

I agree, I think it's fair enough to take inspiration from the style of the existing logo, but I will have create something original for the reasons you mentioned.

Same here. Just explain to the client the potential downside to it and trouble that you could run into. I'm sure if you explain the benefits of having a unique logo to themself that they would be open to it. Good luck