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Client Trouble


Junior Member
Hi All,

I'm having a little bit of a problem with a client. This is a friend of a client
and apparently short of cash so i offered to do a logo for a fixed price,
trouble is they were happy with a design but needed a few differing
alternates, it's becoming a bit of a pain now I need to stop the client
without offending them and also not to effect my relationship with referal
Any good ideas or processes?



Active Member
Hey Chimpion
I have moved this post from the Introductions section into the Business sub-section.
We would encourage you to post in the introduction forums a little bit about yourself and business first, as generally you will get a better response from the community.

As for your problem, Do you have a contract drawn up between you and the 3rd party? Im assuming not. If this is the case, I would politely state that although you agreed to do a job at a reduced rate / cost, that you cannot do any more revisions unless additional funds are made available.

Worst thing you can do is not communicate! to your client get on the blower asap.