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Client requested artwork to print themselves

A client has requested that I supply a pdf of artwork I have previously designed and printed, about a year ago, for them so they can send to another printer to have more printed. I have always had a good relationship with this client and have not received any negitive feedback on past work. I have also been told that our prices are very similar.
Is this normal for a client request?
How can I stop this happening again in the future? For one I am losing income but am also annoyed as I thought we had a very good working relationship.
Should I charge to supply the pdf?


Staff member
I just send them the files. No fecking about with it. Just send it.

They'll come back to you. And if they don't, move on.

Paul Murray

Staff member
Agreed, by making an issue out of it you'll probably ruin any chance of them printing with you again. I'd be civil and remind them that you're happy to quote for jobs and will do your best to match or beat competitors prices. Some people like to shop around and try new suppliers to ensure they're getting the best for their money. Or perhaps this other supplier has given them a massive discount as a loss-leader. Either way all you can do is try and maintain that good working relationship.
For me it is very common/normal to send the print ready PDF; and the client prefers to sort out their own printing (they often have an existing relation ship with a printer, a good offer or the printer can full fill their need, of delivery, being green etc.). :)


Staff member
I usually just offer them a reduced design per hour for making edits, and then build it back into the pricing for the printing.

They just want to make it look like they're getting a good deal.

And a lot of places, businesses especially have to explain their budgets to the CEO and probably an executive board - by them having used multiple printers/designers etc. they are showing the board they are shopping around and getting the best price they can get to keep the costs down for the company.

It can be very bureaucratic!