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Client process?

Do you have a process from the second a client calls or emails you?

Im just starting this freelance thing and thinking I may need some sort of process myself, a form to send them over to get all the correct information I need about what they are looking for and some sort of order so things don't get confusing with a bunch of emails.

Once they have contacted you, what do you do first and then on?

I need to organise myself but unsure of what to do first.

(sorry if this is the wrong place to post this) :confused:
Hi HippySunshine,

Just moved your thread to the Freelancing forum instead, hope that's ok. :)

My process is as follows but others might operate differently.

First of all I ask if the client has a budget and then I'll ask them as many questions as I can. What's the purpose of the website, goals, what functionalities do they have in mind, do they have assets already, written content, print creative, logo? etc etc. Once all this is determined it's easier to give a quote and an estimated timeline.

If they're happy with that I'll send them a contract to sign (stating exactly what the project will include and that all further development will be chargeable) before starting any work and ask for 50% of the fee up front. I'll also send them a brief to fill in with questions about the visual requirements, what websites they like and dislike, a list of call to actions and important areas on the site and stuff like that. This is really good to have in writing in case the client suddenly changes direction in the middle of the project. Then you can refer to the brief.

If the client is in my area, I will always have a meeting face to face with them before starting the project and maybe also half way through. Just to be a bit more personal and have a proper chat with the client about their expectations etc.

That's my initial process anyway. Hope that helps in some way! :)



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As a suggestion regarding confusing emails, create a folder in your email so that all their related stuff is together :)

Sadly can't help much more.