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Client needed!!


I will be doing a work project (which is one of my subjects) in the near future for college and we have to find a client to produce either a website, database or spreadsheet for. Apparently to do with problem solving

My preference is creating a website, so I am looking for a company or person to do this for.

This will include contact with the client and proof communication, paperwork may need to be signed also, will post up details as soon as I know but if any of you are interested in this then feel free to either PM me or post on the topic!

Kate :up:


Senior Member
where are you based in wales? you may have told me, but my memory is rubbish! I might be able to point you at a few people.


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Elekate said:
Wondering who to ask, all the people near me already have a website, family and friends don't need one :(
you might be surprised at how close some people who might need you are. I've just been commissioned to do something for a church by a friend of my mothers!


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Like the church idea. How about a client that wouldn't have thought about having a website or hasn't got the resources? Youth groups, A local club for the elderly- find reliable local tradesmen/ services etc? (interesting accessibility issues). Doesn't need to be a paying client does it?
same project i had................left it until 2weeks before submission. I fabricated the whole thing and ended up with 2:1.............presentation was nervy as i did it the night before the presentation day itself. I just hate uni, lecturers and the geeks.

Leave it till about a month before deadline then you will get the drive and might end up with a first degree. if you want a 2:1 then simply follow the path i took.:p