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Client looking to move, any takers


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I can not guarantee any work will come from this or how many times a year work will come from this wither, what I can say is I can pass your details on to a soon to be X client who is looking for other companies, might be ideal for someone who is starting out, to work with. But we have a client who we have had for several years. Recently we have both decided that it is best to go our seperate ways.

The client who is looking to move has a website, and a smallish budget. The website is a bit outdated, built using a bespoke CMS and she only requires some minor updates from time to time and help with moving the site from us to a new provider. The changes that are normally requested are gallery image and caption, text that sort of thing. Some of these can be done via a very outdated bespoke CMS and with a developer who knows HTML to a good level. The site is written in ASP but any competent developer should be able to work with it.

There is a thread about £100 sites on one of the forums and my remark about clients may be of interest to any one who has read that thread.

The contact details, as long as the client is happy for us to pass them on as she is having difficulties locating a web development company to work with will go to experianced members over none experianced members of this community.

PM me or leave a post if you are interested. O dear lord my poor mail box is about to be so heavily abused. :(