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Client is asking for original .ai files. What should I do?

Hi all,

A (usually) loyal client of mine has asked me for a logo design for their new sister company.
The logo is finished and they're more than happy with it! However the logo has a number of different elements in it (I know it's not advised, but it was discussed with the client so I gave them what they wanted) and now they want me to separate each individual element and send them as vectors.

I'm aware the head office of this company in a different area has just hired a new graphic designer. Sounds to me like they're going to use the new designer for their promo materials rather than myself.

They want a price for each of these vectors. There will be approximately 10 different ones.

How much do you suggest I let these go for?

Hope this makes sense. Any help will be much appreciated! :)


Staff member
Normally you'd supply .ai files as part of the end deal anyway.

Outline all your type. Flatten your layers.

They can have that as part of the contract.

But working on breaking it up into different files is outside the remit of the original contract.


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Agree with the above although you may need to negotiate a price for the separate elements. Depending on what your hourly rate is, I doubt they will want to pay 10x your hourly rate just for the logo broken up into it's separate elements. Especially when it would probably take less than 1/2 hour of your time to do that - unless it's a really complicated logo. 10x your hourly rate could end up costing them double the initial fee for the logo! They would more likely ask their new graphic designer to separate the elements, to save money. Could be a hassle with the flattered layers but still very much possible if you know what you're doing. Saying that, the fact that they have asked for a price for each one, shows they are willing to pay. Hit them up with the 10x hourly rate fee, see what they say and negotiate from there if needed. Just make sure your time is much more than covered to say the least.
Thank you both!

It's a difficult one. I usually price up my jobs myself, but never been asked for something like this before.
As I work for a small company I'll have to try my best not to overprice and scare the clients away because we need the money.

But if it were completely up to me I'd 10x the hourly rate as they're going to go elsewhere after this job anyway by the looks of things.


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It's not the fact that it might take you 1 hour to do each piece, it might take 10 minutes. But you charge an hourly rate, 1 hour being the minimum.

To do each piece you need to do separate the graphics and save 10 different files. That's 10 different pieces of work, so working an hourly rate for these is common. But it's up to what you want to charge.

The idea I had here was that you can send the full logo, and they will see the price you want for the logo in 10 pieces, and will get their new designer to do it.

It's not uncommon to overcharge for work that you don't want, if they want to pay it then you will do the work.