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Clean and minimal fonts


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Hi Guys,

Can anyone recommend a clean and minimal sans serif font. I'm looking along the same lines as Helvetica Neue or Frutiger. I'm just looking for something a beyond the usual standard font.......any suggestions?



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Futura, tho it does have a small X hight and therefore not good for body text
Rotis is interesting
Din is one of my favs so is Meta
Bell and Franklin.


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Cheers Berry,

I might re-visit Din, I haven't used it for years. I've just checked Meta and i'm liking it, will investigate further



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DereckJohnson said:
Avant Garde, Gill Sans, Trade Gothic anyone?

while san serif fonts...not similar to Helvetica or Franklin.
Avant Garde has a high x hight which makes the font size larger than normal and eats up body text. Gill is the opposite, small x hight and not good for body text. Trade Gothic is one of my most used fonts and i love it, but it works best in the condendsed version which has legibilty issues.
Soho gothic is nice, clean and distinct. Maybe a bit too distinct for body, not shure. And I really disagree about Gill Sans not fit for body - it's nice, friendly and readable, after all, typography is about feeling of the characters too, not just the mathematics of what has the EXACT perfect x-height and the PRECISE stem-width etc. Although on the other hand, Gill doesn't belong here, as I wouldn't describe it with "clean and minimal". I think avant garde works well too, although it takes more work to function as body-text (larger type and more space - for good use as body check out Grafik magazine)
Blimey - I'm going to sound like a bit of a one-trick-pony! This is only my second post and I've just put this in my first one!!! Avenir is a nice clean face and I mainly used Book as the body copy weight. My apologies for the repetition... 8)


repetition is fine Dazzer :) as long as its a worthwhile point :) Welcome to the forum by the way :D