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Class editor Cms for HTML


Junior Member
Hey guys! Title pretty much says it, I need a Cms system that applies changes via FTP is server hosted and let's you add class=editor or similar to existing HTML docs! Thx!


Senior Member
Nope, never tried it.

It's not a good idea going for stuff like this as they never have a great support base if something happens.


Active Member
Ok, So you need a product thats all ready been developed, that is is free to use, and one which you can brand/style and pass of as you own!!

I think you should ask your developers to build you one, as i doubt your going to find a solution (decent) that will tick all those boxes.

Anyways, most of the previously suggested solutions have a monthly cost of $20 or so, which is a little over £10 a month, isn't it more cost effective just to by a license on one of the above and or pass the cost onto your client / company?