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Circular Element

Discussion in 'Website Design Critique:' started by Defiance, May 8, 2013.

  1. Defiance

    Defiance New Member

    Hey guys. I'm currently in the middle of this project. I will be working more on it from Friday onwards, over the weekend.
    I'll keep it short and to the point.
    I am setting Circular Element up primarily as a design agency to bring in a more sustainable source of income during my time at uni, where I will be studying Visual Communication, in Leeds, beginning in September. I'm currently in the process of finding young, talented and motivated creatives, from all disciplines, to get involved.
    Here are the designs, note that the footer on the portfolio page is the current version, I haven't had time yet to update the other pages. I also plan on having some illustrations done by our illustrator for the development process on the services page, which will be unique for each service.
    Thanks in advance for any feedback, all is welcome :).
    Charitable Magasine Concept:
  2. shaunalynn

    shaunalynn Active Member

    I like it. You clearly have talent.
    The only thing bugging me is on the print cover, "Rebrand" looks farther to the right than the type under it. I know it's an optical illusion but sometimes you have to align things optically. Can you nudge the copy over to the left a hair so it looks more aligned?
  3. DavoSmith

    DavoSmith Member

    To say that you haven't yet started Uni to study design yet, and for the design, although still WiP, to look that refined and a quality piece of work, its really great. I love white space, and you use it well. Lookin forward to seeing how it unfolds.....
    If anything, I'd say for starters just give the info to the right of the footer a touch more room to breath.
  4. Yeah I think you've done really well considering! I think there are a couple of elements, including the footer which could do with a little bit more room to breathe. I'd probably make some of the link text a little lighter too.
  5. Defiance

    Defiance New Member

    Thank you for the feedback guys, sorry it's taken me a while to respond, I've been busy as hell with my final project. I've updated the designs with the latest versions :).
  6. Defiance

    Defiance New Member

    Forgot to quote you guys.

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