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Chocolate Branding


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Hello :)

I've been given a design brief by my University to create a brand of chocolate. I've decided to create a brand which promises to "relax" my customers.

Eg, you come home after a hard days work and my chocolate will help you to relax. :p

I've tried to keep my packaging simple, and although my lecturers like my work so far they feel like I've got to push it further.

A couple of suggestions I've had so far is to make a set of chocolates, with different instructions on how to relax yourself. Another was to come up with a more original way of packing the chocolate / chocolates.

This is what I've got so far.

I was looking at looking at some Japanese chocolate as research at the start of this project and I've been recommended to go back to it.

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I'm a bit stuck for ideas at the moment, what would you (much better designers!) do at this point? Any ideas or tips would be appreciated. :)
First off, you should check out the Dieline packaging website TheDieline.com - Package Design Blog

I don't think there's anything in your design to suggest relaxation. The majority of high-end chocolate packaging is very indulgent and luxurious...while I don't think this is necessarily the way to go, I agree with your tutors that you haven't really pushed yourself. You don't have a concept at the moment, you've just added some type to a brown background.

Every shape, colour and font used on successful chocolate packaging makes you want to eat the product...at the minute, your packaging hasn't achieved that.

I think there are a much better fonts to use than Helvetica for your project - there are some lovely fonts on Sudtipos | Fonts and on Browse Fonts, Try Fonts, Download Fonts, Buy Fonts - Veer.com

Explore chocolate photography to see if there's anything there that might spark an idea? Is there anything in the way that you eat this particular chocolate that might be reflected in the packaging?

I don't want to seem harsh but you really need to push yourself to get the most out of this project and not just go through the motions.
I second what Designmatic said ;) Like the tagline :) Check out the Squirrel vor a good overview of free fonts – Lobster maybe ...? Free script fonts are rare and seldom good ... :(

If you wanna pay for a font, check out myfonts, they have a good overview and allow for filtering and searches (»fonts that look like this one«) ...


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ok.... I thought I'd replied to this topic.....

Can't remember everything I said but basic jist
consider extending the 'brand' to include other area's like vitimin, revitalising that sort of thing. Alternative direction could be sticking with the 'style' but going with flavours instead.

I didn't say about the actual look as to me it's ok for the style you're going for although looks a bit rough and may need some refinements


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Hi Ben,

As your tutors & others have said, there's a great deal of room to develop your relax concept, it's got lots of potential for different routes you could take it :)

One idea I would be exploring is to tell more of a story on your packaging, something along these lines, but related to your potential customers, assuming you've done some research on the average chocolate purchaser, I'm guessing female, so think of stories or angles to connect with that audience. In a similar way to the hot chocolate ads trying to help ease away the stresses and problems of modern day life, your relax chocolate packaging could go in a similar direction.

I would also consider your actual packaging design more carefully, at the moment it looks like you're just following the default bar wrapped with printed paper? If this is going to be a luxury item that conveys a sense of relaxation I would be looking at less conventional ways of packaging it, ways to help it stand-out in an ultra competitive market & become memorable.

As mentioned above, take a good look on TheDieline for some inspiration, examples such as this Waitrose one below, showing the actual product is something chocolate packaging doesn't do very often (is there a reason for this?)

Also look at other areas of indulgence for your target market, so that could be cosmetic packaging:

Good luck :)
Hi fellow staffs Uni student ben!!!!
Glad you've got yourself on design forums pal, you'll learn so much on here ;)

I'm loving your concept- relaxing chocolate.
I'm thinking before you start to develop your packaging design..
Just a research suggestion-I agree with your original advice, Maybe you should look at chinese/Japanese, yoga, herbal medicine type culture. I know its chocolate not tea, but a relaxing oriental type feel might work beautifully with your design.

Good luck xx

p.s. i have put a thread on here related to the same brief also. If you could give me some feedback would be great
Bit of a late reply but if you're into relaxing then you need a bed, bath, armchair or at least a cushion as part of your branding.