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Childrens Book Design


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I'm wrapping up a Children's Book Design module at Uni. It's a tricky one, as I'm not an illustrator and it's an unfamiliar subject and audience.

Never the less I'm now doing the obligatory feedback thing.

The book is designed to teach 5-7 year old's about about foraging.

You Can Eat Nettles?

Children's Book Design Survey

Feedback, much appreciated. :clap:


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I agree with Typo on the characters. Also the feint text in the speech bubbles is hard to read. Otherwise its nice and colourful with plenty of charm.


Staff member
I really like it.
Brilliant concept.

The badger could do with some ears as he looks a little like scary Luchador without. ;P

Have you thought of doing "You Can Eat Mushrooms........... And See Unicorns"?