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Cheap Wacom


Staff member
IMO the Bamboo is awesome for the price.

I use an Intuos 3 (A4 ish working area, A3 full size) and I'm thinking of getting a Bamboo just to free space on my desk and be more portable.
I was pretty disgusted when they got me a Bamboo back at my old job but I was soon impressed by it.

I couldn't see much difference as I use AI and not PS but I actually preferred it due to its size.
When you compare the price of Intuos to Bamboo then it's a no brainer if you're starting out.


Not seen those ones you linked to before.


Staff member
the new 'intuos' (ie like the one linked) are in essence the old bamboo's with a different shell, the old intuos have been renamed intuos pro...


Junior Member
Thinking of getting one of the new Intuos', just a quick question though. I'm new to Wacom's so this might be a silly question, but is there a way to trace stuff directly into it?


Staff member
not sure about the bamboo/new intuos but my intuos 3 and 4 (ie older versions of the pro) have a plastic sheet that lifts up where you can 'trace' through.