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Cheap litho printers

We all know the industry is very competitive at the moment with any jobs let alone the print margins in litho jobs.

I currently do a lot of nightclub flyers on the usual spec 300gsm gloss etc.

I have an OKish deal set up with a local printer who offers me sheet prices so I sell the spaces on there as and how I need.

I was wondering if anybody has any good contacts who they might be willing to share to get some even cheaper prices as I am finding its getting harder and harder to squeeze any money out of the runs.

Or on another point if anybody wants help from me with any prices please feel free to get in touch with me.


Nick :clap:
Hi Nick,

I suppose its a late reply to this thread but I get shuttled between my company and this one from time to time:

Hashem Media (Google them, I can't post links just yet because I'm new here), they're in Manchester.

You don't have to buy a full sheet with these guys as they do batch printing and have plenty going on to offer you however many batches you want, whenever you need them... so no waiting around to fill up your sheet or paying more if you don't manage to fill it up!

Mention my name when you get in touch and I'm sure they'll include delivery and perhaps even a discount on your jobs because your a designer.

Hope this helps.