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charity fundraising info pack - feedback/critique please!

Hi all,

I've taken this project on in my spare time, and both parties are extremely busy, so it's been quite slow and I could do with some feedback from the design community, to either keep me going or refresh my efforts. We all know how it is when you've been looking at the same project for months!

A little background, the pdf is for the charities website, it's for people to download, print out and aid them in raising funds for the charity; from organising an event, to sending the money to the charity afterwards. They wanted something light and fun and examples of other charities pdfs that they mentioned to me had a similar photo and illustration thing going on.

I'm mostly just looking for comments on the general look and feel, layout, and technical aspects, colour, fonts etc. I have some thoughts of my own on bad points but I won't share as it would be good to see if other people think of them or pick them up of their own accord.

As I said it is by no means finished and the actual content/body copy is still a long way off; all the photos and illustrations are simply screen shots as we have not purchased them yet.

Thanks for your time! Oh, it also still needs a first page, I have no intentions of leaving it jumping straight in at the contents =)