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Charges? Logo's?

I am just wondering, i am setting my new site up currently and is there any advice you could help me out with charges and pricing options?

I know its difficult dependant on the experience, quality etc, i just wanted to know if any of you follow a set of rules or anything?


Well I was going to say that you are far too cheap, and that I would reckon starting with at least three figures.

BUT, I think the most pressing issue here is that you are displaying what appears to be a copy of someone else's work in your portfolio.


This is a piece i am working on from the original. Same company using it. This was a personal logo, not a corporate one. I am aware of the other, this was just a project for playing about with my design skills in AI
graphicrabbitstudios said:
This is a piece i am working on from the original. Same company using it. This was a personal logo, not a corporate one. I am aware of the other, this was just a project for playing about with my design skills in AI
Whether it was personal, or corporate is irrelevant. It's someone else's creation, and copyright. You still can't display it on your portfolio, especially without a disclaimer. Even then it is still dodgy.

By all means practice recreating logos in AI to figure out new techniques, but you can't display the results publically. A potential client wouldn't know that it wasn't you that designed it, and if I was the guy that originally designed it, personally or otherwise I would be majorly annoyed.

graphicrabbitstudios said:
As stated this site is still under construction, i just needed place holders to get a feel for the template!
Still under construction, but LIVE, so I would recommend taking down anything that you haven't designed yourself, or removing the site from the live host until it is finished.

There is no reason why you can't use a blank image to space out portfolio items, and design the template.

I realise this may seem like a harsh reply, but in the words of Peter Griffin, this kind of thing "really grinds my gears".


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Well, say you're charging a minimal £5/hour, you're not giving yourself much time on the projects, especially on the deluxe logo package, 18 hours work @ £5/hour (£90) for 6 logo's with 10 rounds of revisions. That's with charging a very small amount for your time in my opinion.

I realise you might be charging for the product more than the service (but I would hope your product is worth a fair bit more than that though), but for me if you're charging less than minimum wage for your time then you're mugging yourself off a bit, and doing yourself no favours in the meantime.

If you're not thinking your skills are quite ready yet then I understand your reasoning on such low prices, but it's quite a bad situation to be in. You don't want to undercharge (certainly not by such a large margin) as you won't be doing yourself any favours, yet you're looking for practice to improve your skills. One step is to practice on fake briefs. I'm not really a logo designer so it might be better for you to get some advice from current logo designers as everyone needs to learn their trade and everyone stars somewhere, but it's not so easy going from a budding logo designer to a professional.
I understand and this is why i am finding it difficult. As i don't want to overcharge so hat no-one is interested nor do i want to undersell myself.

I am very experienced in packaging design through my other job but due to 'non disclosure agreements' with clients i can't divuldge my designs etc.

Does anybody know a good site with fake/dummy briefs or maybe good design competitions etc??

I'd also check your spellings on your site too mate.

Words like 'Graphic Designer'.

As for prices - its the age old question.

Your hourly rate (whatever it is - this is your decision) x how long you think it will take you to come up with a solution (whether it be one one concept or a million) + how many hours worth / rounds of amends.

If you're a huge and talented agency in London in some massive studio charge in the 10,000s

If your a one man band just starting out - don't.

Overselling yourself is a huge issue, as is underselling yourself - but an honest look at yourself and your work you should know how much you're worth.