Charge for company brand logo design


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Hi all first time post so appologies if I get something wrong. If Ive designed a logo for a new Curry House outlet thats expanding to open a new branch and they are really happy with the work, do I charge them by how many hours Ive actually worked or more as this will be their recognised name/brand identity for a long time? I understand we should have sorted this before the work started but hes normally ok with what I say. Hope that makes sense!

Paul Murray

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I'd just charge for the time completed. If this curry house already had 3 or 4 other outlets, then I'd quote based on that before the work was started. But I personally wouldn't try and up the price on a job after it's completed, just like I wouldn't expect the client to try and reduce the price. I'd always take a good long-term relationship with a client over a short-term boost to income.

Simon Dam

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I use a fixed price for logo's, this becouse otherwise you get punished for the fact that you do a good job quickly. It's not the time you spend but the quality that matters the most in my opinion. But it works different for everyone.