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#character design challenge


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Hey guy's!

Anyone here already participate to the character design challenge?#CDChallenge on fb
Theme for this month is mermaids and mermen.

I'm a little bit late, my left hand is broken so I must draw with the other one but I'm starting something, feel free to join me, could be great!




Staff member
I couldn't even write the first letter of my name with my other hand.
That's brilliant! :D

I'd not heard of that but I used to be part of another site years back called Mojizu
It was great but it just king of fell off the web one day.


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@CLHB unfortunately no...I'm left handed :(

Still working but I need your help here! Anyone can tell me where are the problems here in terms of composition?



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@Athos lol I was joking. It is incredible for your other hand. I struggle to write my name with my other hand, it takes soooo much concentration and it still looks like a toddlers handwriting.