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Changing your Web Hosting Company?


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My hosting runs out soon and they automatically renew it, but the credit card company has declined it today (think they thought it was dodgy) so it hasn't gone through yet. Is it best to shop round for a cheaper deal or just stay with the current hosting?! :confused:


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Comparing just the price isn't always the best option when it comes to hosting Ally, as I've learnt the hard way in the past. What's the spec of your current deal? and is it just your own site you use the hosting for or clients sites too?


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Hi Greg, just my own site. Not sure what I get it's with JustHost haven't had any problems with them so far, so would be happy to just stay with them but wasn't sure if i'm paying too much.


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Unlimited bandwidth is a negative for me, bear with me on this one, it's usually oversold as a promise, as they work on the assumption that the majority of users will never reach their allocated bandwidth.

Main things I look for in a host are if they're UK based servers and UK based support, do they have a good reputation for uptime and support? Is there someone you can speak to on the phone if there's an emergency?

I'm always recommending Openmind Hosting (they host DF, and all my sites) and for £30 a year you can get Linux, UK based, for 2 domains, 20GB monthly bandwidth and 400mb diskspace, which should be ample for most portfolio/blog style sites.

Hope that helps :)


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Ah well JustHost accepted the payment now, so I've got it for another year! At least they have always been helpful when I've had a problem!


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Jimlad said:
Here's a question though, WHOIS: to opt out or not to opt out?
If you're a registered company ie. Ltd, then your details are available via Companies House so never seen the point in opting out of the WHOIS, also if you list your address details on your website, again never seen the point of opting out. If you're self-employed, then perhaps you might not want your address to be available, but I've always left it available.
Hey ally!!

I know quite a bit myself about hosting. I currently run a small business as a web hosting company. Seems your package was a little bit of an over seller. What do you use the hosting for? I can do u a decent package?? Let me know


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One point to note on the subject of WHOIS, you are not actually allowed to opt out full stop if the domain is for business purposes.

Nominet can actually take the domain off you if they catch you out so care should be taken. If your worried about the local hoodies shoving fireworks though your door after checking the whois you would be better off using a mail redirection service.


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openmind said:
If your worried about the local hoodies shoving fireworks though your door after checking the whois you would be better off using a mail redirection service.
Yeah something along those lines! What is that then?!


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I pay €27 a year for:
- 3GB disk space
- .com domain
- unlimited bandwith
- unlimited e-mail accounts (with a good spamfilter)
- 24/7 live chat
- and some stuff I don't need (such as WYSIWYG editors)

What I still miss and what is making me contemplate switching:
- multiple domains :(

Never had any problems with them, if I had questions the live chat operators always had the answer.


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Apologies I haven't read the entire thread, but if your site is doing well in the search engines and your happy and not paying over the top for it I wouldn't change high chance for a short period of time you will mess your rankings up if you do.

So unless you find a really good deal, have reasons to change loads of downtime, lack of security, not supporting a feature you seriously need I would stay put.

That said I use ukhosts4u they are brill never had an issue. I do know someone is experiencing a little bit of downtime on their server but I haven't noticed any myself, worth a consider if you want to change massive space, great support 9am-11pm, cheap and well great IMO never had a problem used them for like 4 years now. :)

But I wouldn't recommenced unless it is really important.