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Chamber of Commerce

Hi All,

Just wondering if any of you are joined up to your local chamber of commerce? Any opinions or views as to whether it's worth the joining fee?


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I am a CC member, just come back from a lunch event. chatted to 2 MD's over possible work and got a good interest in a new web development. So to me its kinda worth it. But design & web is a crowded sector at these events now

Onartis said:
No... I'm wondering if we even have that in Belgium :p
.....You just got electricity last year didn't you?:D


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I think it's very area dependent, as Berry says in general design & web is a crowded sector, I guess the best thing to do would be getting a members list for your local chamber and seeing if there are local competitors already involved?
Again similar to others - used it when I started out in business as it's good for networking and meeting new people. But kept bumping into the same people at every event and leads and job refferals dried up, so stopped going.