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Just wondering as a matter of interest...

I do work for a number of shopping centres around the country and lately I've been asked to produce large format hoardings to cover up empty shop units while the places are being re-developed. Very often I need to include CGI pics of how the finished article will look which are created by the architects.

Some of them look truly amazing - but I'm keen to know from those who do this sort of thing - how long in general do these things take to produce (based on some sort of average)? I'm a pretty advanced Photoshop user who works on these images sometimes, just in the extra re-touching capacity - I'm pretty speedy in that respect, but it would be nice to know just how much work goes into producing these images...


Staff member
You can't give an average as it really does depend on the project and the files that are sent.

If the CAD files are in a format that can be opened by the rendering package it's just a case of applying materials and lighting before rendering (assuming no issues with files/models etc).

If it's a case of modelling the whole scene it can take a lot longer and there's also an option where you have a photo where you just have that part of the image replaced with a CAD rendering which can take less time but will usually require a more post processing.

You've also got the rendering (the part that makes the images you see) which can take anywhere from a day to several weeks depending on materials (raytraced glass can be a bitch), lighting, size of the scene etc and if it's one image or an animation.