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depends how it's coded.

Assuming you have some kind of wrapping div, that contains everything else you can set the margin to

margin: 0px auto 0px auto;

(shorthanded to margin: 0 auto; i think)
i know i know, novice web designer at work lol, then again i am in the middle of designing my new portfolio site in flash so there's hope for me yet..... maybe :(


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ContraStar Designs said:
If you're using dreamweaver, highlight the main table, and change the align to center, hey presto everything is in the middle.
Tables are for tabular data
They are not for styling.

You wouldn't use petrol to put out a fire...
Don't use tables to style a page
As Becky said, if everything is inside a wrapper div, you can use this:

margin:0 auto;

Using percent makes it a fluid website and more manageable, and will always appear 80% width of the users screen. You can change the 80% to suit you needs though.
Nothing wrong with being a novice, I still consider myself one, however why not start as you mean to go on. Learn some good habits, even if you never intend to offer web design services.

If you're that desperate to get a portfolio up you could always use a service such a carbonmade, a nice wordpress theme and edit the header image or a tumble theme
well ive already got my portfolio online, but i want to get something on there that stands out, original, something to impress. At the moment it's quite basic with a few flash slideshows but I plan to do something much more interactive
Just some advice if I may, but think about who your audience is and if it will be accessible, especially if your trying to use it to get work or employment, as I am sure they might pick up on those things, people also get impatient, so think about loading times too. Just a thought for you, but keep up the good work