CD cover - 2nd draft. Please crit.


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This cover is for a compilation of political music--mostly hip hop, punk and acoustic/singer-songwriter music.



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Yeah, nicer colours, but it's still saying Soul to me. Not edgy enough and the text is a bit weak for me.

I keep seeing faces in profile in the afro - could you expand on that?
Maybe you could use just one image and do some kind of photo combination effect in the afro?


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Different colours but everything lese is the same.

Still looks like a 60s soul album. Except for the earbuds - which don't really make much sense if this is a CD.

Paul Murray

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Think about how it would look shrunk down on an online store or streaming service. The majority of listeners won't ever see the cover at real scale, so it has to be readable at smaller scales. The colours I'm not that keen on but combined with the composition, it stands out quite well. However, that text is completely illegible. It either needs increasing in size (and possibly switching out for a more condensed font) or controversially perhaps even drop the text completely. Same with the details in the image, you could even get rid of the ear buds to tidy the whole image up since most listeners wouldn't ever seem them.



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The colors are more akin to reggae music. The large hairstyle is more akin to soul. The expression and 3/4 view of the woman also vibes more towards soul or R&B.

Other good suggestions here are about scale. Try maybe just one face divided into two colors. Though political ideals are varied, most of the time, an argument is on 'one side or the other' so the idea of two/2 sides is more conceptually on key for political music. Maybe try the hairstyle divided into two colors. Definitely reduce the size. Though the 'fro has come back as a fashion statement, especially in younger people, it still seems a more soul or R&B music genre look. That is a general comment, but it's also the truth.

Think about images and words/phrases that are associated with politics. If you can listen to any of the actual music, that can provide inspiration as well.


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What would make it more edgy? What would make the text stronger?
Drop the whole afro soul thing

Keep it really simple and make the words the focus. Use a newsprint font and a political image in the backgroiund - there are zillions of these you could use, maybe the Berlin Wall or a protest rally or the guy in Tiananmen Square.


Thanks everyone.

What would make it more edgy? What would make the text stronger?
Have you seen any political bands/punk/music album covers? I would start there, have a look and compare it to some soul/reggae/hip hop albums. I'm asking because it seems like you aren't familiar with the genre, maybe then you will get a feel for it and why it's not sitting right.