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Catalogue Design - Timescale Question

Hi all,

My customer is asking me to explain why it will take me 14 hours to design a catalogue for them and I can't figure out exactly how to word it. I have just done a smaller 24pp catalogue with limited products and it took 15 hours.

I do my design work outside of my full time job, so evenings and weekends, so 15 hours does take a couple of weeks.

What I am asking is how do I word it to my customer that actually catalogues normally take much longer to design but as he is giving me the info and sketches of the layout, it won't take as long, but 14 hours I think is acceptable for a 32pp brochure. Do you think this is acceptable?

I hope this makes sense!!

Thanks in advance.


Well-Known Member
14 hours divided by 32pp is only 26 minutes per page - which isn't very long.

If you are having to setup a layout/style sheet as well that has to be taken into account. It also depends how complicated - how many items there are to a page - for example... obviously more will take longer. You might have to check all the pictures in Photoshop to get the right resolution or check they are in CMYK or convert to mono.

From scratch 14 hours seems perfectly acceptable to me.

Hope this helps!
Because that's how long it will take. Personally I'd avoid providing a break-down of the cost. Think in terms of the price to deliver the project. The reason the client requires a break-down is for you to provide amunition to haggle with.

You could provide several alternative options - e.g. cost for 8pp, 16pp. But not a cost break-down.

That's my view / experience (having been on both sides of the table).