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CARTOONS for 'BINGO' theme required

I am after up to 12 illustrations which have a humorous and fun theme to BINGO games.

i.e 'Legs Eleven' - Octopus with 11 legs playing bingo etc....etc......

They can be quote literal but need to be of the quality as per the attached.

Happy to accept a much bolder and flatter style depending on your own personal styles.

I have a max budget of £500 on this so looking forward to your suggestions.

If anyone has stock off the shelf along a similar line, also willing to look at possible examples.

Examples from previous years attached.

Hi Barry

I think the guy who would really do you justice on this kind of thing is Ente, I worked with him as part of the WOP team for a number of years, he is a cartoonist/illustrator.

Check out his works at Willkommen bei ENTE's Welt - Comics, Cartoons, Postkarten und vieles mehr!
and the WOP game we worked on World of Padman - WOP is his brainchild

You can mail him at ente at worldofpadman dot com
Mention Kev aka SLoB referred you should you contact him.
Hi there! Fuzzy can help - please see our website for examples of cartoons, caricatures and business logos - any questions, -just ask away :icon_smile: