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Career Advice

Hello all,

I am new to the site and I'm after some advice.

In the mid to late 90's I studied for a BTEC ND in Graphic Design and then an HND in Digital Photography. I then went on to employment in a field as far removed from from those subjects as it is possible to be!

I am now in a position where the job I am in is changing massively and my capabilities for continueing in the job have changed so much so that I COULD very well be made redundant within the next couple of years.

With this in mind I am considering going back to the beginning as it were. I am aware however that the design industry has moved on considerably since I trained. I'm not even sure what area to look at for example Graphic or web design ( I know that there is now alot of cross over between the two.):confused:
So what I'm afteer is some advice on where I go from here which is pretty much zero. Any advice or help would be appreciated.:D

By the way i'm based in the UK.