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Cardiff Half Marathon icon competition?

I found out from a friend that the Cardiff Half Marathon is running a competition to design a new icon for the logo. It looks like an interesting challenge: how do you create something original, modern and Welsh? I keep thinking of dragons!

Has anyone else heard of this competition or has anyone else entered? What ideas could you think of for a race icon? It'd be pretty cool to get your design on a big race like this!


Senior Member
Hadn't heard of it, and hadn't entered, if I get some brainwave idea in passing I might give it a shot, but currently nothings jumping out at me so to speak

Cough, obviously this should win and get large amounts of money thrown at it ;)


Wasn't Cardiff the place where that woman was running down the street with pants round her ankles? That would make an interesting icon! (And tbh, I was expecting sheep to crop up sooner)

Says the prize is having yourself profiled on the website for 'one calendar year'.

Been looking at the Premier League logo for football and imagine a dragon version of the lion... now how to get it to look 'cool' enough?