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Can't understand these technical words


When I try to submit my Logo to a website, they ask me for this :

a file with the logo in .ai format (in black&white and in color); options (guidelines) to use the logo on the background of the different color scheme; options to use the logo in advertisement, for souvenirs etc.; proposal of the corporate font, color scheme, style elements.

I just have my logo in photoshop, I don't know what to do..
Can someone help please ? I'm running out of time :(

Thank you very much.
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It probably means you can supply them with different colour versions if you want, and also
specify fonts etc style guidelines that you would prefer used with your logo.


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Isn't this just asking the designer to give the branding, both in b&w and colour versions via ai vector format, over to a client with instructions (ie style guidelines) on how they're supposed to use said branding to maintain consistency between different mediums. That's how I interpret it....

Paul Murray

Staff member
Yeah, basically sounds like they want an Illustrator AI file and brand guidelines. What's the website you're trying to upload to?