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canon eos 1000d accessories


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hey forum,

i'm looking to venture a bit more into photography right now, because that'll mean i get used to editing software and maybe put real life shots into photoshop and get used to navigating around that for future reference.

i'll hopefully be taking pictures of human people in a little while (just to have a mess around and get some experience over there)

later on down the line (summer time) i'll be looking into outdoor shots of nature and maybe sports as well.

so the first thing is that i be looking at is getting a speedlite for my dslr.

(obviously this is for indoor use)

does anyone have any experience with speedlites?

my dad does with old slrs, but his ones obviously dont work on my dslr :(

i now have a tripod as well, just looking at other kit for indoor lighting effects.

im also interested in finding out the setup people have for outdoor shooting?

any ideas?

sorry if this is vague, im pretty drained!
What sort of classy 'Glamour Shots' are you looking to take my friend
...human people...mess about....getting some experience and feeling pretty drained you say?

Look out Ben Dover...here comes Timbo and his large German tripod!

Whats a Speedlite? is it something to do with date rape drugs.

Tim you've been told about using those...it's a new year lets make a fresh start eh?


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hhah :lol:

i think you're the only one who could manage to twist all of those words and create one giant innuendo :D

defo not glamour shots, i dont think i know people who'd volunteer to do that. :p


Staff member
Tim, speedlites are as good as any own brand flash really. I'd maybe consider looking at a metz flash, they'll give you an extra handle to hold the camera with and are used by a lot of the pro's.

Another option is a cheap set of studio lights, usually around £150-200 plus maybe look into getting a ring flash for the 'white rings in the eyes' on portraits.

If you haven't I'd suggest a decent lens around the 50-210 range (usually 50/90/120 for portraits unless wanting weird angles etc) then I would consider picking up one either new or second hand :)


Staff member
Sorry should have made it clearer. I meant the hammerhead type like these. The offset helps with the lighting etc as direct lighting (no bounce) can be a little harsh etc.

If you can't afford one of those you might as well stick with one of the canon options as I'm not sure how well the hot shoe flashes are. .


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i can afford one im just a little hasty about rushing into buying pro stuff at this stage.

i may (for now) buy a £154 hot shoe one, and go against what you're saying (for once :p) just to see what they can offer me, and then upgrade down the line when i have good enough ground to buy it :)