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Canny Creative Rebrand

Tony Hardy

Well-Known Member
Hi everyone,

Admin; I think the post "Type Lockup Issues" can be deleted now as I've decided to create a new post to post everything into.

I'm in the process of rebranding Canny Creative and wondered how anyone thought this looks? I'm trying to get across two ideas "communication" and "increase profit via design".

I'm really struggling with the business card;

Don't know if the font choices are cohesive enough.

Any C&C appreciated.

Personally I would probably lose the "pencil", I think it comes across more as statistics / scientific than creative.

I quite like your C - how about working on something along those lines as 2 interlocking / overlapping Cs and the name below?
In fact ... you could maybe make something with 2 Cs that could perhaps hint at an infinity sign; "enduring designs" kinda thing? - just an after thought :)

Tony Hardy

Well-Known Member
Problem with interlocking C's and working with that shape is that it either looks like;

a) an ear
or b) Coco Chanel

In regards to the "pencil" I've altered it to look more "bar graph" and "phone signal strength". Both in relation to statistics (marketing) and communication.


Active Member
I think they look nice. I think there's a clear link to what you wanted with "increase profit via design". Nice colours too.

If it was me I would make a couple of small adjustments. I would shrink everything on the back of the business card (with the contact details). It feels a little tight to the edges and the text looks a little big to me.

My other change would be to make the C in your logo out of circle segments. It looks like you have used an actual C from a font. This makes the top and bottom segments look a bit squashed.

Only minor tweaks. Overall, looks nice.

Tony Hardy

Well-Known Member

Totally agree with you on the C shape. I did use the C from the font, it looked like the natural thing to do. But, after sleeping on it and coming back to it, I can see exactly what you mean. Anyway, I've left the business card just for the moment, but now, I'm debating whether I like the C closed or open, as below;

I think I like it with the separations but now I keep seeing it as a lifesaver thingy...honestly not a criticism, my brain works in peculiar ways :icon_biggrin:
i like it, defo use the one with the breaks in the C but when u make the logo smaller the breaks would be hard to notice, id make the break a bit wider, as 4 ur Bus card. im not a fan of the italic "graphic designer" the G and D look thicker to the rest of text. the info gfx are nice, the colours are nice choice also. maybe a water mark of the C on bk of bus card or have it inverse black.
I quite like it as a whole.

I don't get the 'graph' thing at all - it's too fussy and doesn't add anything, other than making you look like a mobile phone company. I'd lose is completely and just go with the 'canny creative' and the big C. And use the typeface you based the logo on (Akzidenz? Interstate?) for the body copy rather than Futura, then everything will sit together better.

Tony Hardy

Well-Known Member
And use the typeface you based the logo on (Akzidenz? Interstate?) for the body copy rather than Futura, then everything will sit together better.
The font the logo was based on is called Nevis.

I've ordered my cards from Stationery Direct, the design ended up quite different to this. The logo stayed the same, bit of an edit on the C, but kept the bar graph, sorry ;)