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Can you identify this font?

Discussion in 'Font Forum:' started by discoian, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. discoian

    discoian Junior Member

    Hi there,

    I'm pretty new to all of this font identification, what font do they use for the logo on this website? (The Chalet Girl bit at the bottom)

    Chalet Girl - In Cinemas March 16th

    It's pretty popular, I always thought it was Arial but I just can't get the same result using it, it's pretty popular I think.

    Any help offered would be very much appreciated! :up:
  2. ralphsaunders

    ralphsaunders Senior Member

    Uh... If I'm looking at the right thing, that's Helvetica (probably Neue, bold, 75).
  3. berry

    berry Active Member

  4. Adam

    Adam Senior Member

    Is this a wind up? :D

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