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Can you give me some advice please?


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Hey can you take a look at my last job? it's from a site called napw. I know it's not my best work, not even close, but i'm pretty new at this so i would really appreciate all the advices you can give me.
Thanks ^^


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Right advice wise...

The design isn't bad, well, it's got a starting point, the header. It's reasonable.

You'll want to change the font from Times New Roman as that doesn't really reflect the idea of professional women, you'll want a sans-serif font, Arial is a starting point.

Your text is too wide currently, and has no formatting or images to split it up. Learn about measure and leading, aswell as emphasis. I'd advise looking at the whole set of WebTypography.net (not working for me currently) and check out this article at Smashing Magazine, they're fantastic for pretty much anything.

The background color of the main text area is a bit muddy, probably not quite what you're looking for to promote the ideas behind the association. I'd advise a simple white background for starters. The text at the bottom is black on dark, if it's a dark background look at using light text (white normally) but remember light on dark is harder to read than dark on light.

Finally, make sure everything is aligned when it should be. See the image below, move the header text in until it lines up and move the logo in a little or out a little so it lines up with either the white margin on the left or the text.



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Also a lot of text, get some hierarchy in the design,

Headers - Larger font or increase the weight
Questions??? - possible the same


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The brown background seems like an odd choice of colour to me. As Xenonsoft points out. Maybe you could try the lighter grey in the header logo? Black text over should still give a nice readable contrast. Or just carry the white through.

A bit more use of the pink in headers could be a way to link the page content, maybe use it for text titles.
I would definitely change the font choice...work on line heights and various font styles and keep a focus on sans-serif.

Background, I think you need to have a larger fade from the texture to the solid color, it changes too quickly.

In regards to background color of content area...I would like a lighter neutral color such as a very faint grey or simply white. Then if you throw some stock images in the content area and work on your layout of the content you can add interest to the what would be bland neutral background. Either way I think a nice subtle background with some images of good color would really make it pop.

There is a lot of bulleted information on here that could be broken down. For example your main content...the first two paragraphs, could be floated left and take up say 75% or so of the content area. Then make a sidebar floated right with the bulleted stuff, Why they should join, the benefits and the mission even. This would help break it up and also put more focus on what is important...why they should join the group.

Good luck and definitely do some reading on stylesheets, you can do some amazing things with this page with stylesheets.


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If you know its not your best work...why are you submitting it?

Thats kinda fundamental in my opinion. If you know you can do better, do better.