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Can I have some constructive feedback on my logo please?


Junior Member
Hi all, I am new to this forum and very new to logo and branding design but it is something that I am keen to improve on. if anyone can give me some honest feedback about this logo that I am currently working on for my friend then that would be great thanks :)


my first thoughts are that there's too much going on. To me that's more of an illustration than a logo. One rule to go by in logo design is that it should still look good in black and white, because there is a lot of detail in the logo I don't think it would. Lastly the importance of a logo is to show people what the company is about, in your case the wording is far too small in comparison with the rest of the logo and so the meaning of the logo doesn't stand out enough.

Otherwise I like the style, it shows elegance which does give you the suggestion of well presented cakes.


Junior Member
Hey, thanks ever so much for the feedback. Is much appreciated. I agree about it being a bit too busy and making the wording stand out a bit more. I shall try and simplify this design and see how it works as a black and white logo as well. Thanks again :)


Senior Member
I think you could get away with just a simple outside layer, no need for all the faff (can't describe it better) and perhaps ask Lara, (is it?) to write by Lara herself and then scan etc. It will add the personal touch.


Staff member
Lara, I thought it said Kara - well that's clealy an issue then :)

to be honest I don't associate doilies (I assume thats the idea behind the background) with cakes anymore, it might have been all the rage pre 20th century but it's a bit dated these days, I'd also bet that 90% of young people now wouldn't even what a doily (is that being spelt right?) is


Junior Member
Haha, well Lara and Kara is definitely an issue as it is meant to say Zara :p Back to the font hunt I go (or use the idea you gave me mrp2049)

Thanks for the feedback guys. Ha I don't even know what a doily is, so no that wasn't quite the idea. Just wanted a bit of an elegant look to it, rather than it to look cheap. But I realise I have to sort out a lot on this logo.

Thanks for all the feedback again. It's been most helpful :)

Duncan Y.

Senior Member
10 years back i would prefer to propose logo just exactly as complicated as this :p but not now since i have more mentors in DF and some other places online to keep me on tracks. ;)

Find something logo design related blogs or articles, if one wants to learn more, reading is important - there's no short cut. You learn through asking and reading and most importantly - an old-fashioned way - make mistakes to improves. Practices makes good, just good, would be enough. ;)
I'd agree, too much going on and it will struggle at small sizes.
Like the colour and the idea of a top of a decorated cake though, just need to be simplified for me!