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Can I bend one path on another?


Junior Member
Hi, I am new here and didn't realise I had posted this in introductions, so now here it is in the right place.

I couldn't find the font for Oakley and livetrace distorted a little so I have traced it using the pen tool. I am later going to cut on a vinyl cutter/plotter so I need it vector anyway.

imgur: the simple image sharer

I want to bend these paths (on one path layer) on a slight curve, below

imgur: the simple image sharer

This is a helmet visor strip and I want the Oakley on a curve so it fits inside.

Can I bend one path on another? Does anyone know the font for Oakley?

Please help, I couldn't even think how to search for this on google, or whether I should use photoshop or illustrator (I know photoshop better).



Junior Member
Since you wnt to effort to trace with the pen tool you should be able to move indiviual nodes (white arrow tool) to make it fit perfectly with just a little manual tweaking.