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Can anyone identify this script font?


New Member
Hi All,

I'm struggling to identify the script typeface in the attached - the usual font ID websites have failed me. Massive kudos to anyone who can help identify either the script font or the Gotham style font.




New Member
Amazing, that's great, thanks very much!

I don't suppose you also know which font the "Lucy Mayers" & "John Forbes" text is?

Paul Murray

Staff member
Prob just Arial Rounded normal... haven't really looked.
Interesting. I see the letters as being a hard-edged serif and so have been looking for similar fonts like that, not a soft, rounded edge like Arial Rounded (though the letterforms/silhouettes do look to be very similar).

Strange how we see things differently.


Well-Known Member
Initially I saw it how Paul does but since hank mentioned Arial rounded, it is looking more rounded by the minute lol.