can anyone help with this please


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Hi to all
i am building my own web site using WP and cms masters web building tools for a theme thats one of there own themes called Garage workshop. i am getting to grips with things but i have got stuck trying to change something and for the life of me i carnt work this issues out so could someone help ?

i am looking to change things at the very top of the web page, theres a logo on the left and a button on the right ( search button ) i have attached a snapshot of my page and highlighted the area i wanted to work on, i have boxed the area off with hello box.

cheers Matt



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Why are you using a theme designed for a Garage?

That being said, you need to ask CMSmasters how to do this. Although it's not a good idea to do as you suggest. Most people will be viewing on a mobile so won't see your search box.

Much better to put the search in the body of the content below the navigation (which is missing from your site).

And don't use a slider. Replace this with static images of your services.

And a zillion things more. People will only ever be on your website because they have a pest problem. So the homepage needs to show each type of pest each linking to a new page. Every page needs your contact details and a picture of you (really important this last bit).

The theme you use doesn't matter. Best themes to use don't use a page builder or any sort of drag and drop.


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Hello fisicx
thank you very getting in touch much appreciate.
Good question why did i buy the theme ( Garage workshop ) when i in fact do Pest Control, thing is i am new to web sites and i brought it late last year, i have a friend who is a graphic designer who said she would help me start my business, she uses a web site ( envato ) for web site themes and said to choose one i liked for my web site, so i brought the garage theme one because of the way it looked, and i liked the way images scrolled and basically its appearance.

My friend isn't charging me she doing out of kindness, but can only put some time in when she's not busy, which isn't often, so i started watching some videos on you tube to see how web sites are made, to have a try at doing something myself to get the web site moving as time was going by and it was just landing page for the last 5 months. So far 70% i have done by trial and error, and my friend done some bits and bobs this week, she is good and knows what she's doing and i know that if she could put time into the site she will get it good, but I'm just a bit impatient and curious to seeing if i can do some of the site myself to help save time and experience for myself, another reason i wanted to get involved was to maintain the site and make changes if any were needed in the near future.

So about the question, i was looking at removing the Button and search box, and replacing it with just some text (contact details). i have been in touch with CMSmasters and waiting to hear back from them, but i thought i would try and see if i could get the help for somewhere sooner hence this site.

My friend is making a start with the site and i guess over the next view weeks she would have put some time in to doing it right for me, it is a work in progress and im aware there's loads of thing that need adjusting still, this is in hand and im positive it will be looking good pretty soon, and i will mention to her about putting a search box in the content body.

i think looking back now, if i new a bit more about sites i would have not brought the theme i have, and gone for something a little more less complex, but it is moving now so i think in time it will work. i will take on board your help and advice and mention this to my friend, she will probably know what your talking about and perhaps would have put this steps in place anyway. Again thank you for your help.



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The theme doesn't matter.

What matters it the content you put on the site., how you organise the menus, place the CTA and trustmarks, display authority and citations.

I tend to avoid envato, mainly because the themes are bloated and poorly responsive. The key to your success will be a site that works better on a phone than it does on a desktop. Look at your new site on your phone and you will see how it doesn't really work well.

All of the free themes you get out the box with WordPress will do the job. But ignore the theme for now and start work on the content. If you want a theme that is better suited for your business, I've got one you can have for free that already has all the bits you need without you having to add plugins.


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Hi fisicx
this is the steps my friend is now starting to work on ( all the content ) sorry, when she gets the time, im hoping this will be soon. i have been spending a lot of time on gathering the info that's needed for my site and all this info as been passed to her, so fingers crossed.
i see where your coming from with the web site being mobile friendly, and this is something i will speak to my friend about, and see what she thinks. like you said there are options out there which wouldn't cost and would be user friendly and aimed more to the type of site i need, im thinking when my friend starts to put the time in, she will rid all thats not required and perhaps get the site down to what is really needed, again this is something i will speak to her about and see if its worth pulling out of the theme and starting a new user friendly theme which will be more to what i require, again thank you you for your offer i will get back to you.



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Before your friend starts work incorporating the content step back a bit and consider how you plan to market your services.

For example, if you plan to use PPC or adwords then you need to craft landing pages to match the advert. If you plan to use SMM then the landing pages will have a different look and feel.

Once you have a marketing strategy you can work on your marketing plan. Then comes the content and then the website. The very last thing on the list is the theme. It's the least important part of the whole chain.

99% of website design and development is what you do BEFORE building the website.