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Can anyone help me find a similar font...?

Discussion in 'Font Forum:' started by Cathy, Sep 6, 2010.

  1. Cathy

    Cathy Junior Member

    I am trying to make a poster, and am looking for a neat, sketchy outlined font. I have been trawling lots of free font sites, but all I can find is messy styled ones.

    I was thinking of something similar to the one used on the poster here: PLAY collective poster design by ~incogburo on deviantART

    I dont need this exact one, just something of that style

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. mrp2049

    mrp2049 Senior Member

    Thats 5 different fonts, at a guess, each with different textures and detail on them. So such a font probably doesn't exist.
  3. Soprano

    Soprano Member

    Have a go at drawingh it by hand and then taking it into illustrator - you'll probably end up with something that fits what you had in mind than if you used a font.
  4. hamishmash

    hamishmash New Member

    Not quite the same effect but check out Rockwell Sketched on dafont
  5. ansteydesign

    ansteydesign New Member

    It looks like these are created in illustrator so we'd suggest doing the same... Soprano's suggestion could work. If you have a Wacom pad you could print the poster out and trace the letters directly into illustrator.
  6. PrintingUK

    PrintingUK Junior Member

    You could always trace the font, admittedly takes some time. You can use Photoshop or a tracer program then trade the font to a shape and add effects in illustrator
  7. berry

    berry Active Member

    2 are based on Rockwell, Bodoni Xtra Bold

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