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Camera suggestion for work placement

Its my birthday soon :) and i'm looking at getting my own camera (for beginners)
At the moment I am hiring out cameras from my uni photography depo and working with Nikon D60s, D70s
I have been selected for a work placement with a Professional Photographer/company :clap:

Can anyone suggest a good camera to start with?

I'm looking at building my existing portfolio with some really good high quality work and want the camera to be good and worth the money. Yet my budget is £600 to £700?
Am I best sticking to the Nikon models?


Staff member
I'd say stick with nikon as you're familiar with them, you'll likely waste more time figuring out canon/sony (minolta) than taking photo's.

Does that £600-700 include lenses.... if it does you could look into second hand to get a better body or you could look at the newly announced (literally yesterday or the day before) d5100, there are lens package option with it too.

If it's body only then there is only one option in budget other than the above unless you go second hand and that's the Nikon D90, it's a little older but it's still a good machine and has the added benefit of being able to use older nikon lenses (only other consumer camera that can do this is d7000) :)

If it was me and I was starting from scratch (note I have old nikon and minolta film equipment) then I'd likely look at the d5100 as it does 90+% of the stuff that the higher models do for less money, however as I have old lenses I'd have to go with the d90 or the over budget d7000 so I don't waste the my old lenses :)

PS. don't forget accessories, basic filter set (ie polarising lens, simple gradient, starburst, clear lens to prevent scratching lens etc), bag, tripod/mono pod, gorrilapod (maybe), memory cards and if you can afford it a fast prime and or some extension tubes (to allow for close up photography without having to buy a macro lens).
Eve though I've been using Nikon for the past 10 years, I've also recently purchased a Panasonic GF1 (a Micro-four thirds camera).

Even though it's the same size as a compact camera, you can swap the lens. Also, with an adapter, I can also use all of my Nikon lenses with it.

It costs around £450 and takes great pics (especially if you use the 20mm 1.7 lens)
They use Nikon and Cannon.
Looks like I'm best sticking to what I have experience with. which is mostly the Nikon.
Just wanted to check with your opinions of expertise before i make a big purchase.

Which one is better? the D60 or D70? an why?
I have used both previously but don't know which one to go for?
Now. Where to buy? anyone yet again has any links, websites or am I best going taking the ebay route?


Staff member
neither, they're both older and you would do better with the suggestions I gave.... and you never answered my question regarding if lenses are needed.
Appoligies Levi.
I was thinking not including lenses for the mo. I can lend out a variety of Nikon lenses from uni for the next year or so/Buy the old lenses later on, So the D90. is a good option.

However I'm liking the look of the D5100!! Gonna have a look inot both of them and let you know what I choose in the end.
Thankyou for your advice :)
I'm about to scour the web!


Staff member
I will say one thing, try them out in a shop, you might not like how they feel in your hands, and then order online as it will be cheaper, unless of course you can use your womanly charms to get a discount :p

There is one bit I forgot about the d90 that the d5100 doesn't have and that's a vertical control grip (ie an extra grip for portrait work with shutter, thumb dial etc). Might be something to consider if you like doing portraits.
yes it will be something i'll have to consider!
A little birdie told me my uni have D90s to hire as well as the other models. So i'm gonna test one first. Otherwise the D5100 is the option.

....and yes i will be using my womanly charms ;)
I went into Jessops earlier. At first they showed me a bunch of other camera's which I dismissed as I wanted to be took seriously and they just wanted commision probably! I'm determined to stick to Nikon.

I browsed at there D90 (which I am still very keen on) Unfortunatly they didn't have a D5100 on display for me to have a play with :(

Not that i'm ignoring your suggestions but while I was there I saw a deal........

*Nikon D5000 Double VR zoom kit (comes with an extra Nikkor lens- 55-200mm AF-S DX VR Zoom-) for £479.
*Starter kit for £99 that consits of;
TTL Flash Gun 360AFD,
Mem Card 4gb,
2 x Ultra-Violet Filters,
Carry Case,
LCD Screen protectors
......all including warrenty cover, baisically all coming to round about Total £600

Now they told me its great camera for a beginners and a really good deal for the kit/accessories.
I really liked the camera and think Its good for me to handle.

What do you think Levi? I'm assume theres not a great difference from the D5100 u suggested to the D5000? Just a bit curious now and want to hear your view.


Staff member
honest opinion is they're just trying to shift old stock, the 5100 replaces the 5000.

The starter kit isn't too bad value although I have no idea how good their flash is so it might be a waste of £99 if it's no good.

You should get a warranty with Nikon camera's, last time I checked it was 3 years although it might have changed...

Personally I'd wait till the actual price of the d5100 is revealed, most of the ones online are 'estimates'. If you can afford to wait till the end of the month then that's what I would do, the deal will still be there as like I say, they're trying to shift old stock.
AMAZINGLY! My dad surprised me last night....
As its been my bday wknd. He came home with the Nikon D5100 and all of the accessories/lens, warranty, everything!
LUCKILY Its perfect for me....

I'm so chuffed!! :)