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Cafe Menu


Senior Member
Anyone know of any good inspiration for some cafe menus?? Looking for a rustic kind of style but any nice deisgns would be helpful! :)



Now thats a burger :D reminds me of the burger I had from Sticky Fingers in London :D
I had the Sticky Stack Burger: double classic burger topped with cheese, bacon, mushroom and caramelized red onions... That was a mahoosive burger :D :lol:
This is a....
Double burger, with....
Smokey bacon
Onion rings
Smokehouse Beef chilli
Fried egg
and Mayo.....



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nah, 2 8oz slabs of minced steak, 6 onions ring (3 in, 3 out), blue cheese, salad.

I wish I could go back to the place on the Red run down the Maribelle route just for another one of them!


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OOooh thanks for all your replies yeah pizza express do have nice branding and menus forgot bout that one!
Thanks Russel for all yours i will have a good browse through them.

yeah i will post the outcome it needs to be finished before xmas and the menu isn't even final yet ahhhh hope it all comes together!!

how nice does that look!!

Your lounge stuff is really cool. What you have on the front of your menus (like the little symbol) is kind of what i want, a subtle pattern of some sort just to give it a bit of life! The logo i have to work with is not the best which is a bit of a bummer!