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c4d wireframe tube/tunnel


Junior Member

i'd like to create 2 wireframe "tubes/tunnels" (see attachment) using Cinema 4d R12.

tube #1 i want to look fairly similar to the "inspiration" image.

i want tube #2 to also look similar to the inspiration image, but i need to render it along a path on an "isometric-ish" plane. i hope my quick drawings on the attached image are pretty clear.

eventually i'll be importing the whole thing into illustrator for an infographic poster.

i'm hoping someone can give me some help with how to do this, or better yet point me towards some tutorials! this is esentially my first time using a 3d program, so i'm a complete newbie. i'm going through the lynda.com C4D tutorial to get used to the interface, but again, I'm hoping someone here can give me a bit more focused direction!




Staff member
1st one - not sure if c4d works the same as my programs but all you'd do in mine is make a cylinder and then edit the nurbs/face/points (whatever you want to call them :)) to give the curvature at the end.

2nd one - I'd just do a loft of a shape which follows a line which is the path.

oh and isometric doesn't exist in the 3d modelling sense, it's just the angle you stick the camera along with the focal length etc.
For tube #2 use splines and a sweep nurb to create the basic shape your after. You'd just need to draw a zig shape spline and select a circular spline and put them both inside a sweep nurb object. You can also apply Levi's advice about using an isomeric camera, or modifying a cameras field of view to get a more isometric angle. I could give more detailed advice but I don't have cinema 4d on the computer I'm using right now...