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Business name?


Junior Member
Hi people :)

I've just recently started my online business selling business cards, mousemats, drinks coasters, stickers, letterheads, posters/flyers etc. However, I need a name for it. I don't know what to call the business :( I would create the business card for my clients and also print it and ship it to them but i'm going to make a website for this as I already have another business going on selling eBooks, but on that website I have created another page to promote this business.

So, i'm making another website as well but I don't know what to call it..Anyone got any ideas? I would also like a rough idea of what the logo would look like for that particular name please :) thanks in advance :)


Junior Member
I think your ideas seem a little jumbled, it may be the way that it's coming off to me or that's how they are to you.

Also, you're asking for help with logo design when if I'm not mistaken aren't you the designer? Go out and look for inspiration, anything can inspire, make it tasteful, and relevant.

Name generation is always hard, and usually the one your gut goes with is the best, but don't take that as some unwritten golden rule!

Good luck to you! :)