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Business Name

Discussion in 'General Business Forum:' started by instinct2009, Mar 9, 2009.

  1. instinct2009

    instinct2009 New Member

    Hello everyone J

    We currently run a tutoring centre, whereby we teach students from the ages of 7 till 18. We teach students a range of subjects, but most commonly Maths, English and Science. We teach in groups or on a 1 to 1 basis.

    At the moment we haven’t really come up with a strong business name. I was wondering whether anyone could help us come up with a name for our business? The ideas I have are ‘Academic Excellence’ and ‘Academic Advancement’.

    Does anyone have any better names.

    Any help would much be appreciated

    Many Thanks
  2. KevJaques

    KevJaques Member

    Depdending on how far you want to take it, business name, web name, print etc.. Check out the domain name auctions, will give you ideas, also check to Companies house to see if the names have not been taken already

    it's best to have a list of candidate names and be flexible, it can take weeks to get the right name which has not already been taken

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