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Business name

Discussion in 'General Business Forum:' started by PrintME, Jul 11, 2014.

  1. PrintME

    PrintME Member

    I'm abit stuck as what to use for my company name. Do I go with my own name - mark facer or something different?

    I had randomly thought of 'pink thunder' but then a friend of mine pointed out that it sounded like a sex toy:icon_eek:

    My only thing is I will be expanding the company at some point and it seems abit daft using my name when there will be more than just me?

    All input welcome as I'm stumped!
  2. hankscorpio

    hankscorpio Moderator Staff Member

  3. PrintME

    PrintME Member

    I've been studying design since I was 14, until that age I didn't know what a graphic designer was I just knew I wanted to do something creative! Past few years I've been through a hell of a tough time both mentally and psychically

    My company is all about bringing print design back to life (if that makes sense) to much social media and technology, anybody thinks they can be a designer. don't get me wrong its great but Print / typography / layout etc is what I thrive on. But I also want to transfer these skills to the web, there are still to many badly designed generic websites out there!

    I want to help inform and educate people that they don't need sites like or these other sites that promise you a logo for a fixed fee etc. I want them to come to me and knowing that I'm not going or rip them off, it won't be as cheap as but it will be quality work and quality is the heart of my business.

    Think that sums up the company? I'm hoping to expanded into screen printing t-shirts at some point aswell.

    Edm what else? Well I'm a massive fan of Eastern culture! Especially Japanese art & design both modern and traditional. It's been a big influence in my work. I love the colour pink!

    Not sure what else, hope it all makes sense
  4. hankscorpio

    hankscorpio Moderator Staff Member

    You, and everyone else!

    Pink is a gender based colour, where in the early 1900s it was boys wore pink and girls wore blue, somewhere that got transformed.
  5. bigdave

    bigdave Moderator Staff Member

    Hmmm.... 'Facer Associates'
  6. GraphicD

    GraphicD New Member

    What about "Pink heart design" "putting the love back into print" :icon_smile:
    best of luck with finding a name, it always feels like such a hard thing to do but you should just go with what works for you for now, later down the road you can always change it, it's never set in stone.
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  7. Wardy

    Wardy Well-Known Member

    You already have a fairly unique name, I would make the most of it (Facer Design or Assoc.). Some people waste a lot of hours trying to come up with a name no-one
    else has used.
  8. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    'Mark Facer' sounds like a play on words to me - in any case 'Facer' has quite a nice ring to it and, as it isn't a common name, it might work well as one to trade under.

    I also think it's a common misconception that print is in any way a thing of the past: I design almost exclusively for print and people who work online suggest as much to me all the time but, while the proliferation of electronic communication might make things seem that way, you only have to look around you to realise that it's nonsense.
  9. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    I was going to say the same. Just 'Facer' is unique enough to work as a studio name, but it's also your name, so you can expand in future should you eventually start employing people. I'd go with that – Facer Studio, or Facer Creative, or whatever. You can always rebrand in future if you find something else you prefer.
  10. PrintME

    PrintME Member

    I'm liking the of 'FACER' and it's actually growing on me. A friend had thought of just adding 'design' at the end of pink thunder.

    Think I'll experiment with facer and work on a few ideas.
  11. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    I personally would avoid adding "design" or something of that nature to a business name as it limits your ability to grow. You may branch out into other areas besides design, which is why I would opt for something all-encompassing like "creative" or just forego a description altogether (though they can be useful in domain names).
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  12. @GCarlD

    @GCarlD Well-Known Member

    Last edited: Jul 14, 2014
  13. PrintME

    PrintME Member

  14. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    I meant that adding "Design" to your business name implies that you only handle design, when you may well be a competent developer too. Using something like "Creative" or "Studio" allows for a broader range of skills and we could argue makes you appear to be a better option than a sole designer. Of course you can rebrand, but it's a massive pain in the arse, so if you can avoid it, all the better.
  15. @GCarlD

    @GCarlD Well-Known Member

    I see your point, but I don't think it's as big of an issue as that. The last 3 companies I worked for had name extensions such as; Design, Graphics and the other didn't have an extension actually, but their name clearly suggested that they were very much a web/ on screen type of company. All 3 companies did much more than just Web, Design and Graphics. I don't think the public take company names as serious or as literal as that. I think what's far more important is how you present yourself as a business, and your overall image.

    But I would agree that if you plan on only doing design work, then having design in your name would make sense. Saying that, design in itself it such a broad subject I really don't think it matters. It could be argued that developers are a type of designer, as what they do is part of design.
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  16. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    I think it's helpful - from the perspective of a start-up seeking to attract work in a particular discipline - to have something in your name/URL that tells people what you do. I also think it's helpful to plan beyond the initial phase and identify yourself with something broader than your initial key offer for when the business or wider circumstances change. To this end, something is better than nothing and 'creative' (et al) is better than 'design.'

    You're right when you say it could be argued that developers are a species of designer but who wants an argument with a prospective client?
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  17. Paul Murray

    Paul Murray Moderator Staff Member

    The main thing is to pick a name you're happy with. Take everyone's opinions on board but ultimately go with the name you're happy working under.
  18. @GCarlD

    @GCarlD Well-Known Member

    I meant that figuratively speaking. It's not that I don't agree with everything being said, it's just I don't think a name of a company is as big of an issue. I believe a company could be called 'Total Rubbish' and be a huge success.

    As for extensions like 'design', 'creative' and 'studio(s)', I personally believe the industry is over-saturated with company names like that, they are played out. And considering we are meant to be creative thinkers, it is not showing much innovation in itself.
  19. Dave L

    Dave L Well-Known Member

    Yeah - I got that; I was just playing. On the issue of the limited range of descriptors in use, it's an interesting point but I - like the rest of the sector - am at a bit of a loss for useful, viable alternatives (excepting those which might by jokey or pompous). As Paul rightly says though, being happy with your trading name is the primary objective.
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  20. PrintME

    PrintME Member

    Decided I'm going with pink thunder but I might spell it with an F. I'll upload my logo concepts soon!

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