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Hi Guys,

As some of you may know, I own a Motorsport and Creative blog (which is going extremely slowly :/)

I am looking to get some business cards done in the next week and wondered if anyone knew a place where I can get my design/idea printed, even if it's possible...

On my card I have my logo... which is here

On my business card I want the speed dial to move when the card is turned on an angle (you see this on posters and little cereal box items etc) I understand that the card will need to be put onto some sort of plastic...and i imagine it would be expensive, I have a decent budget of £300 for these, does anyone know who would do such a thing for me? If so how can I contact them?

Any details would be cool.


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That sounds like a very very difficult mission Glen!!
I think I know what you mean, but sourcing a company for the mini speed guage will be very tricky, then finding someone that can incoporate those into a business card will be an even tougher mission!

How about something like a tyre pressure key ring with your logo/website address printed on?
Tyre pressure key ring :: BH1 Promotions

Or a recycled tyre mousemat/coaster?
Recycled tyre mousemat | Promotional Mousemats | Promotional Products Experts

Only thing with promotion items like this may be the minimum quantities, but worth e-mailing to ask if one of them does fit what you're after.

Mark Alexander

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I think what you're looking for is lenticular printing. I've never used it so I can't really help with where to get it done, although from what I recall it's not so ridiculously expensive.


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awwww :( pants!...I'll have to keep looking, I would of liked this for next weekend am gunna have to hurry up!


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I'm with Greg on the recycled tire. I think that would be cool as beans! I think the cost of what you are/were hoping would be through the roof unless you were getting thousands.

Tom Sound

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mrp2049 said:
Might be worth sending Tom Sound a message, he is a printing knowitall.
I'm more of a knowsomeofit.

Mark is right, it's a lenticular, they're printed as fine vertical strips of images then has a plastic sheet of vertical prismatic lenses adhered to the face giving the effect of motion when you change the angle of view left to right.

As with Litho printing the cost is reduced the more you get per card but also as litho printing AFAIK you would need to get at least couple of thousand printed to get them below a whole english pound each. They give them away in cereal packets because they are printing hundreds of thousands and the price is reduced quicker than you can turn your milk chocolatey.

Larger ones for display use are even more expensive. I think the problem with lenticulars is that they came to the forefront of display use just before the use of plasma screens and the like, so there's simply no use for them any more.

Anyway, at least you know what to google for now if you need to get a price, just make sure you're sitting down when the quote comes in



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haha well that has cleared that one up well, cheers tom....ive tied myself to a seat using ropes and metal brackets for when the qoute comes back...