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Business cards


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I will create business cards for a freelance enterprise (it is for somebody I know). I have never done something like this.
This enterprise is about coaching. It can be for private individual or for firms. I think it could be better to create two different business cards : one for private individual and the other for firms so. Indeed, firms don't have the same expectations.
I have seen several business cards but I wonder what should be on the first side and what should be on the other. For example my father have always had business cards with an only one side (he sells paper and machines).
So I think that I will write the name and abilities on the first side, and phone number etc on the other side.
Could you tell me what you think about this ?


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As far as I know the general way in which business cards are found is

Logo / Name of company
With some indication of what they do (services / tagline / other such things)

Contact details including name / telephone number / email etc.
I see a few hundred business card designs a month, the majority have only company logo on one side and then the member of staff's details on the other.

I think if it is possible with the companies corporate colours (providing there not too dark) is to make the card covered in colour and leave no white background anywhere, these always come out the best!



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Is that a personal preference on coloured cards Alex or is it a opinion on the quality and response of the results

Be good to know :D
Personal preferance but all the guys in finish that are laminating / guillotining / boxing always comment on the cards bright cards or cards with full colour coverage about how good they look, and plain white cards with just a logo and details normaly get the "thats a pretty boring card" response. :D


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Thank you for your answers ! A colored card, ok ! Maybe blue...
The cards on your link, Jimlad, are really original, and funny.
So I will try something and I'll show you what it looks like.


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I have done something like this :

but I have a problem : the font is normally straight but, when I turn it, letters are in a mess. Do you know how I can keep the letters straight ?
Photoshop will do that on occasion, as will InDesign (although it seems to straighten up once exported to a proper format/size)

Tom Sound

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Lunera said:
I am using Photoshop CS2.

is it the same when you flatten the text layer? It does sound like a preview thing as Becky says, save it as a jpeg or something and have another look.

I like it though, striking colours! :up:


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Thank you for your answer ! I flattened the text with the background before turning it and it worked ! =D

But this business card has not been pleased. :(
I have to find another layout.


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Have you looked anywhere for some inspiration? Do you have indesign or illustrator? I would advise you to use one of these over photoshop.