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Business Cards - Updated Design

Hello everybody...I posted some of my stuff about a month or so back to get feedback then basically completely changed everything..including my logo. Originally I had this stuff: http://www.designforums.co.uk/work-project-feedback-critique/829-business-card-critique.html

Anyway, I revisited it and found I really liked this eye I had created in an early design so I made that the focal point...these are my cards, I like em a lot and they look good when printed on my printer high quality but I wanted to get some more feedback on logo and overall card design. Once I get this all finalized i'm going to print, probably with rounded edges if I can find an affordable solution.




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I think its a huge improvement on the old design. I like the Front Design.
the back of the business card bugs me to be honest. I think its the blue bar on the left.


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The back doesn't work, i think its the font. You want it easily read and clear, maybe just use a standard sans serif for all the details on the back?

Also on the front i don't like how the "more than meets the eye" is wider than the eyeondesign, could you not bring it in so it all lines up?


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Yeah, I like the front but the back doesn't do it for me. Definitely give the who. email. phone. web. and the blue background a bit more of a gap.
Alright cool, glad to know i'm on the right track.

Making the logo is something I was meaning to do, just hadn't yet...and the comment on more than meets the eye being lined up, that's a great idea...I don't know why I didn't do that earlier.

I'll make some edits and show you guys a revised back later on...thanks for the comments.
New stuff, i've done a few things to it since the last version. The most noticable is the colors, I converted to CMYK and it dulled the blue a bit but I think it works. I also wasn't thinking about having a bleed and all that good stuff so I threw that in there (which is why this has some dead space on the edges, I didn't crop it). My main focus is on the back of the card, what do you guys think? I believe I need to increase the "Web & Graphic Designer" bit slightly but I haven't tested it in a printed version because my ink ran out on me today :)

BTW, in case you're wondering about the fonts. I've been told that 6pt is the minimum you can go for print on business cards and that is what the Web & Graphic Designer text is set at.


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Hi Brett,

They're looking better (& much stronger than the originals/old thread too) I'd be worried about the strapline type on the front of the card however, will it be legible at that size & weight? Maybe worth printing some rough test samples to see...

Also if it was me I'd lose the blue bar altogether and maybe even the who, tel, email bits as I think it's obvious and just clutters up the back a bit? As another idea have you looked into anything like folding cards or some kind of clever insert/pull-out? Could work well to emphasize the idea that there is more than meets the eye...? Could be budget dependent though! :)

HTH in some way


In my humble opinion I think that the back should be as simple in design as the front, with just the details very clean in the middle of the card. All the same font and size and just make the details themselves bold :)
Good suggestions guys thanks. @greg, I like your idea about a insert/pull-out thing, really awesome stuff but i am slightly budget dependent, I could pay for it easily but I don't want to invest too much since right now this freelance stuff will be a side job in addition to working full-time this summer and part-time fall-spring (while going to school).

I like the idea though, may look into finding a cheap place to do that :)


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I would mimic the blue/grey (eye on design) with the contact info.

also gradients are a paint to print. check with printers (possible add noise) but overall not a big fan of gradient.


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I would change the name of Brett Yanoski....its just doesn't work for me....

What about - Amanda Johnson or Daniella McPherson both have better rings to them. :D


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The front looks nice. Not sure how you'll be printing it out but I think a glossy coat will do it justice (grammar?) :)
The backside looks a bit tasteless. The shadow is way to heavy and your gray gradient should flow / smoothen out more.
Berry said:
I would change the name of Brett Yanoski....its just doesn't work for me....

What about - Amanda Johnson or Daniella McPherson both have better rings to them. :D
Yes, thanks Berry...i'll get right on that, if only it were easy for me to switch my gender and change my name...then i'd be set :)

But you've discovered one of the reasons why I don't want to go into self-branding, my name is blah.

In one of my intro graphic design courses my teacher and I brainstormed for like 10 minutes trying to think of a clever idea for a personal logo (first project kind of thing) based on my name...couldn't do it, so as a result we just took one of my hobbies (film) and incorporated it.

Thanks everyone for the input, I think I have a few ideas on what I could do now to fix up that back part, and I do think i'm going to go glossy, I like shiny things :)


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VertigoSFX said:
But you've discovered one of the reasons why I don't want to go into self-branding, my name is blah.
Great brand power is based on simplicity, What i would suggest Brett, to create a bigger and more confident brand is forget the 'eyondesign' that's a superflouous name, you already have a great brand name - 'Yanoski'

Brand the business as Yanoski, it has a a memorable phonetic ring, it has size and intrigue. Sometimes you don't see what's right there in front of you.

Don't call it Yanoski design or creative or shit like that. Just Yanoski. with a tag design, web, branding. If you were my client that's waht i would suggest and build a brand upon ( and charge you a couple of grand for the advice! ;))
Haha, well thanks for saving me the cash! I understand what you're saying. The only thing i'm worried about with that path is that I'm basically committing myself to my own name. I don't think I want to use my own name because it is normally under the assumption that the person with the name will be part of the business. I have no idea what this business will end up turning into, for now it is just a side, freelancing gig but if thinks start to pick up i'm definitely going to put more resources into it. But if I ever decide to turn the business over to someone else or move onto something else because it isn't working for some reason I'll at least not have my personal name branded to it.

I was sharing the idea with some close friends the other day and they said they read an interview about Michael Dell from Dell Computers. He said one of his biggest mistakes was calling the company "Dell" because if he ever isn't part of the company it would just seem odd coming to a company called Dell when the person it was named after doesn't even work there anymore.

I've even considering ditching the "design" from my name (which may happen later on down the road) because I'd like to expand a business into video production as I have a lot of experience along those lines (actually more so than with branding/identity).


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br3n said:
Just feel sorry for Mr David Google, Sir Lawrence eBay and their cousin Mrs Emily Youtube.
And Mr Carling, Mr Grolch, Mr Shell BP, Mrs Next, Mr Nike, Mr Facebook and Mr Santander