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Business Cards Needed (and designers in situation alike O_o )

Help with business cards

I read that there's at least one or two printers in the forum and I wanted to ask for a quote. I have about 6 to 8 different business cards that I need to print. All same custom size (80x35mm) with rounded corners and a decent 350-400gs/m cardstock + matt laminate.
The idea was using 2/2 pantone spot colours or 4/4 regular fullcolour depending of what would be cheaper. I don't need more than about a hundred but I know that less than 250 each does not make sense...

I can set up the artwork in any required possible way (specially if it helps to reduce costs!).


BTW - if any other designer in the forum need some bcards and likes, please give a shout. I'm more than happy to add another artwork to the lot and go dutch with the cost.


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Hi Mike standard size for business cards tends to be 85mm X 55mm (not sure if you just made a typo?). - sometimes they will have a cutter machine for this specific size rather than using the guilotene

Those low quantities sound like digital printing will probably be your best bet in which case it would be 4 colour anyway...

I'm sure someone will be along to help soon!


When I worked in the printing companies I worked for, the most general size for Business cards was 90mm x 55mm or 90mm x 50mm but that was because we had the right sort of guilotines.

I am pretty sure that digital printers can only go up to 300gsm (at least thats from personal experience of working in a digital printers), though that might have changed in the last year or so :)
@ berry, thanks for the contact, man. Will be in touch Sarah shortly.
@ neil, thanks for you quote. I will make a decision by the end of next week.
@ chris, you'd be sorprised. from the first good old indigo to the date a lot of things changed!
@ tbwfc, true, usually bcards are 85/90x50/55 depending on country, sheet size of your cardstock and margins/bleedings required. Thing is that I personally prefer a wider proportion for my bcards (and the ones that I design) I find the std 85x55 a little dull, but once again is personal preference. Usually is easier to print full colour against spot colours (in here at least) but if you have small print or thin lines and your color is made of 35C 80M 20Y 10K it would look like a trail of ants!


yeah it does depend upon country.. I was working in New Zealand and they wanted only 90mm x 55mm as their standard size :)


I was using a Xerox 2060 and was always told that the machine wasn't spec'ed for anything more than 300gsm paper. But that was in New Zealand and we couldn't always get the very best of the best kit :)


ahhh the 6060's looked sooo cool :D I remember seeing them at the Xerox head office in Auckland :)

obviously the Xerox techs over in New Zealand were a bit more militant about paper weights LOL :p